This is an online event. You do not have to travel to a specific location and you can participate anywhere you have internet access, including mobile and tablet devices.
FlexJobs Employer Members who need to source and hire remote talent will receive targeted access to FlexJobs’ job seeker members from multiple industries, skill sets, and geographic locations who fit the specifications of your hiring needs and are in the market for remote work (this is a MEMBERS-ONLY event).
Yes. If you’re not already set up with an Employer Member Account, we encourage you to check out our site to learn more and sign up for an annual or monthly membership today!
  • Reduce your time to hire by instantly connecting with thousands of qualified candidates, in real time, from across the U.S. who are passionate about finding a job with employers that offer remote work options.
  • Attend with zero travel, making it a cost-effective recruiting method with no complex logistics.
  • Targeted promotion! Grow your candidate pool, talent community, and social media following by leveraging our social recruitment and outreach promotions. We’ll be promoting your participation and featured jobs leading up to the event, in conjunction with National Flex Day (celebrated this coming October 15), through social media, our job seeker newsletter, blog posts, targeted emails, and more!
  • Receive detailed reports of candidates, resumes, and chat transcripts (*Silver and Gold level only).
  • Showcase your company and your open jobs in a spotlight webinar (*Gold level only).
  • Light lift! Our team will work with you to create your booth, customized to your brand.
It’s free for FlexJobs members to attend. We also offer a Virtual Job Fair promo code for up to 30% off a job seeker membership, which typically ranges from $14.95/month up to $49.95/year.
We expect thousands of job seeker members to attend! We had nearly 3,000 attendees at our last Virtual Job Fair event. We expect a diverse group of job seeker members from around the country, from a variety of industries and with different skill sets given the demographics of our membership base. This is a FlexJobs members-only event so it's exclusive to our highly motivated, paying job seeker members.
  • Here are a few statistics from recent surveys we have conducted of our members:
    • 82% have a college degree—40% bachelor’s, 35% graduate, 7% associate.
    • 81% are mid-level or manager-level professionals.
    • 74% have worked remotely before, either some of the time or full-time.
  • We conduct a Super Survey every year of job seekers—here's demographic data from the survey we did in 2018 (3,000+ respondents):
    • Education: high school degree or equivalent (5%), some college but no degree (16%), associate or bachelor’s degree (48%), graduate degree (30%)
    • Career level: entry-level (10%), experienced (58%), manager or senior-level manager (32%)
    • Generation: gen Z (1%), millennial or gen Y (18%), gen X (40%), baby boomer (34%), silent generation (6%)
    • 80% are interested in 100% telecommuting/remote work
  • Check out our site to learn more about the candidates on FlexJobs.
After coming to your booth, attendees can click on different tabs (e.g., Contact Us, About Us, Programs, Jobs, etc.). They can view documents and watch videos to learn more about your company culture and jobs. Attendees can view job details and then apply to those jobs. They will also see a chat tab to start a group chat within your booth chat room.
The virtual chat room is always open; however, the hours that your company is present in your booth is defined by you. Employer chat hours are listed on your profile page.
All Silver and Gold Booth employers will receive an Excel file that will have candidate names, email addresses, and a link to download their resumes. Our team can also provide a Word/PDF version of resumes as a zip file.
You will get a list of:
  • Event attendees
  • Booth attendees
  • Anyone who clicked on the job apply link in your booth at the fair
Video chat is available for private (1:1) chat only.
  • We provide a slide deck template for you to customize or you can use your own.
  • There are two options for the webinar recording:
    • You can receive instructions, including the software to use for the recording, and complete it on your own time. Recordings can then be sent as an MP4 file. Some companies prefer this so they can record how and when they want.
    • We can schedule a Zoom meeting with you where you can record the webinar in the presence of one of the Virtual Job Fair team members.
By default it’s on-demand unless you want to play it at a certain time and handle the Q&A live
The volume of attendees that will be in your booth at any given time is hard to predict and highly dependent on the time of day. We recommend having as many recruiters as possible at your booth on the day of the event, but two people should be adequate to manage the chat conversations. One person can engage in the group chat room where you will handle general questions. Once you respond to any of those general questions in group chat, others will be able to see those answers and benefit from them. One person can handle private chat conversations.
You can send our team your planned schedule and availability, including your lunch time. We’ll add this info to your booth so that visitors know your team’s availability.
Yes. Like any physical event, we will have a swag bag available for each attendee. They can add documents and other materials from the employer booths to their online swag bag.